By PE Politics
on May 12, 2010 2:27 PM

It’s doctors versus the insurance industry in the Republican primary battle for the Inland area’s 63rd Assembly District.

The California Medical Association has spent more than $84,000 on mailers and other independent expenditures backing Rancho Cucamonga Mayor Don Kurth, a doctor.

But an organization that receives heavy funding from insurance companies and HMOs has spent more than $21,000 on mail and radio ads opposing Kurth since last week.

“Don Kurth doesn’t pay his bills,” reads part of the mailer from the Civil Justice Association of California. (See below — click to enlarge.)

The association describes its mission as “working to reduce the excessive and unwarranted litigation that increases business and government expenses, discourages innovation, and drives up the costs of goods and services for all consumers.”

In a statement, Kurth charged that the mailers reflect efforts by “the monopolistic Health Insurance industry” to keep a patient advocate out of the Legislature.

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