** The following Letter to the Editor of the Press Enterprise newspaper was forwarded to InlandPolitics.com yesterday due to its non-publication.

I write in response to the story “Corruption campaign part of San Bernardino County DA’s race” by Richard K. De Atley. If you wonder why your circulation is declining it is because you have abdicated your responsibility to “investigate.” You simply report – or rather repeat whatever you are told. The public corruption in San Bernardino County is partly the responsibility of the press who act like press agents for politicians rather than skeptical seekers of the truth. You acknowledge the bloggers; making it evident that you are aware of other sources of information or “news.”

Ever think about looking at Ramos’ 460s and asking a few questions about how government is run? Have you read Erwin’s complaint? Ever wonder why Dennis Stout’s best friend’s name appears in the Erwin complaint as overt act 43; Stout’s best friend who still works for the D.A.’s office. There was no probative value to placing that man’s name in the complaint. There was however great political power to do so. Ramos yells through the pleadings to Stout. If you run I am going after your pal who is a 30 year veteran prosecutor. Surprise, surprise, Stout bowed out of the race.

Ramos tells you he brought in the Attorney General to the “Colonies” case because Erwin complained of a conflict of interest on Ramos’ part. There probably is a conflict of interest because one of the acts that Ramos is going to use against Erwin – Ramos told him to do. Did you do any research about conflict of interest and what happens in such cases? No! You believed him without question. If it is proven that there is a conflict, Ramos is gone. What kind of law would ever allow him to be involved sitting watching his own interests as co-prosecutor when he has a conflict. Democratic Attorney General Brown is Ramos’ pal and was the headliner of a fundraiser which raised $100,000 for the purported republican Ramos last October – pretty cozy huh?

Ramos tells you that he has been spending time in Sacramento saving grants. Do you ask him for specifics as to which grants? No you just print what he says. Repeater – not reporter! Grants are not dealt through the District Attorney hanging out over a cigar or a beer talking to the Governor or whomever. Grants are structured finanical aid awarded through governmental bodies such as the fraud assessment commission. Think! If Ramos had truthfully been in Sacramento working to save grants he would not have used his “Campaign” accounts to pay for his lodging. When you go to anywhere on county business the county pays the expenses. Had you bothered to look at his campaign disclosure statements you would have learned that he has spent around $8,000 of his campaign money in Sacramento for meals and lodging. Maybe the Sentinel newspaper’s story that he is having an affair with a woman that works for the California District Attorney Association is true. Did you bother to investigate?

The 460s which Ramos has gotten in trouble for before for not properly reporting his activities are required filings open for public inspection. The county cannot hide under a silly “deliberative process” claim in response to a public records request as they have done in the past regarding Ramos’ county expense account. Really, where he slept and how much the county paid for the room and food how is that part of the deliberative process as to how government makes decisions? It is not. This is just more hiding the truth from the voters. Would an honest hardworking D.A. ever allow that to go on? No, he would give over the documents and show what he has been doing as he works for us – the taxpayers.

Ramos tells you that the stories about his sexual improprieties are totally false and have surfaced because of his prosecutions of public figures. Stop and think about that. If that is indeed true why is it that the county has refused to release the full report as to his sexual activities citing “privacy rights of the women involved.” If a person did NOT have sex what privacy rights do they have. Logic would dictate that those women would be proud to say that they had nothing to do with any smarmy ex-marital sexual liaisons. Did you ask him to publicly ask the county to release the full report to prove he is telling the truth? Of course not, because you believe everything this sleazy guy says just like his wife.

The challengers mention that Ramos has mismanaged the office. Do you look into his budget and ask him how he came to over spend his budget over and above the budget shortfall? No of course not. Do you ask him why he submitted a business plan wherein he asks the county to shore up the shortfall by firing 18 prosecutors leaving his bureau of investigation investigator count virtually untouched? Did you notice that those investigators are part of the SEBA union that has given Ramos’ campaign tens of thousands of dollars. Hey, it is a law office not a police agency. Think about what Ramos said to you. He said through attrition he has lost 18 prosecutors and now he is willing to throw 18 more prosecutors off the ship to save the money stream from the SEBA union. Does that sound like good management? Ramos babbles to you about looking at caseloads in order to move staff. Well after eight years in office had he been in the office doing the work he is paid to do he would have been on top of the goings on. He is not because he has not been around. Did you ask him why he squanders hundreds of thousands of dollars on free car and gas for his administrative staff and his investigators who get to get a free ride to and from work on the backs of the tax payers. Why does he need a free county car and free gas, don’t we pay him enough? I’m sure he could use some of the $400,000 in his campaign account to buy a bus ticket to work.

Did you ask him about the give-away cases such as Un or Alvarez? About a million dollars in fraud never recovered. A dismissal and a beer brawl misdemeanor for real estate fraud sounds right to you? Oh, you didn’t know about because he did not call and tell you about it huh? Do you ask him about the bungling of the bail bonds case or why he let Former Sheriff Floyd Tidwell off when he stole 500 guns from evidence with a misdemeanor and not one day in jail? No you apparently sit and admire his nice suits and his slick talk. Corruption is allowed to continue when the Fourth Amendment is nonexistent or absent. In San Bernardino County you are part of the propaganda of this sleazy Villaraigosa look and act alike.

I am appalled at the kool-aid drinkers you have writing er-ugh repeating stories for your paper. Mike Ramos is a raging disgrace and your paper is part of the corruption problem. When you do not hold lazy self-dealing liar politicians feet to the fire you get what you ask for – lovely lies that the Titanic is not sinking and deflections by Ramos that everyone is lying against him because he is doing his job. Really, really, well Mr. De Atley I bet Ramos’ has some beach front property for you in Arizona.


David Harris