By Allen Wilson | 03/25/10 | 03:14 AM EDT

Republicans become very uneasy with the deeds and words of certain GOP elected’s who fail to live up the basic conservative principles of the party.

The RINO term is widely known as “Republican In Name Only” meaning insufficiently conservative or outside of the party mainstream.

One need to look at a candidate running for State Assembly from the 59th Assembly District: Chris Lancaster.

Mr. Lancaster served as a Councilmember from the City of Covina until he was recalled by the voters in 1993 over the unpopular Utility Users Tax, but return to the council in 2003 with hope that “I want to serve again,’ he said. “I want to leave on my own terms.’

I was reminded that Mr. Lancaster has learned his lesson over the tax increase. Yeah, right! I think we have heard that before.

However, leopards do not change their spots for candidates who wants to be known as the “Conservative” candidate, but forgets their tracks are always following everywhere they leave behind.

When Mr. Lancaster unsuccessfully ran for State Assembly in 2006, he was endorsed by SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, which both organizations are very hostile to Republican legislators in Sacramento.

Though, at last week’s 59th AD Candidate Forum in Glendora Mr. Lancaster declares, “I am a capitalist!”

On February 24, 2010, Lancaster for Assembly Campaign issued a Press Release announcing the endorsement by Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca:

“He will be a strong advocate for Law Enforcement at the State Capitol. Chris has the integrity and leadership qualities to be a very effective State Assemblyman. He has my full support.”

Mr. Lancaster replied:

“His endorsement is a major boost for my State Assembly campaign.”

This is the same Sheriff Baca who has the hearts and supports U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s Re-election campaign.

This is the same Sheriff Baca who wanted to release 200 or more inmates from Los Angeles County jail.

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