As if anyone with an ounce of intelligence couldn’t see it coming, the obvious was revealed this evening.

Matt Brown, Chief of Staff to Second District Supervisor Paul Biane has a civil attorney. The attorney being none other than Sanford Kassel.

Yes, the same attorney who is representing dismissed County Administrative Officer Mark Uffer and reportedly dismissed Public Health Director James Lindley.

And yes, Kassel does seem to be enjoying the publicity.

Uffer and Brown are close friends, and it would seem Uffer has recruited Brown to join his ill-conceived multi-million dollar gravy train.

One things is for sure. Brown seems to have timed his legal maneuvering and coinciding illness resulting from pressure and intimidation, with the release of his statements he gave to District Attorney investigators and the Grand Jury allegedly regarding his boss, Supervisor Paul Biane and others.

Brown like many others is a “witness” in the on-going District Attorney/Attorney General investigation.

Not an informant.

There is a distinction. There are many witnesses in the case, but only one informant.

However, from all accounts, it appears prosecutors didn’t turn over Brown’s statements to attorneys representing Bill Postmus and Jim Erwin, nor were the statements apparently when taken in totality with other evidence sufficient to charge his boss.


Let the circus continue.