Written by Administrator
May 5th, 2010 at 11:34 am

Just when we think the corruption scandal involving the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors can’t possibly get better, it always does.  The most recent revelation is from Second District Chief of Staff, Matt Brown.  He confessed on Monday to being one of the informants against his boss, Supervisor Paul Biane.

And he claims he is being retaliated against for the same.

The fact that Matt is an informant is hardly breaking news.  Anyone with their handy-dandy Cracker Jack super-sleuth ring could have figured that one out.  San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos and California Attorney General Jerry Brown might have just as well dimed him out back on February 10, 2010, for diming out his boss.  The complaint, that pretended to be anything but transparent, was one of the most transparent documents we have witnessed in recent San Bernardino County history.

More perplexing in this recent tale of woe, is Brown’s approach.  It was common knowledge that almost the entire Fifth Floor was summoned to the Grand Jury, subjected to intensive questioning by District Attorney’s investigators, and harassed by a district attorney with a political agenda.  We know some cooperated fully, which is fine; some took the Fifth, which is also fine; and some cooperated minimally, which is fine too.  Many hired attorneys to give them advice because Ramos is so hellbent on finding crimes where none exist.

So, if Matt cooperated with the District Attorney and told the truth, no one is going to fault him.  But, and this is a very big “but,” if Matt felt his boss was doing something illegal, because Paul is an elected official, Matt should have resigned before becoming an informant.  Matt’s handling of this situation is the kiss of death for a political aide.

We really have to wonder if Matt (and he did not act alone) did an “Adam Aleman” and cooperated a little too well, thinking that his boss was going down and there would be no ramifications for him.  We already know the claims Adam is making as to what district attorney investigators told him and we wonder if Matt was told the same things and bought them hook, line and sinker as did Adam.  That would explain the sudden reaction, that almost seems like the act of a panicked man realizing he is about to be found out.

Now, Matt finds himself in a situation where his elected official boss has the right not to trust him and has the right to fire him.  Matt needs a job.  No politician will hire him under these circumstances expect possibly as a political favor, which is highly unlikely.

This leads us to question Matt’s reasons for handling the situation as he has.  It reeks of manipulation and almost blackmail.

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