Written by Administrator
May 3rd, 2010 at 8:54 pm

So now San Bernardino County Second District Chief of Staff Matt Brown has outed himself as a witness for the prosecution in connection with the current Colonies scandal.   Surprise . . . surprise . . . surprise.

We could have told you that!  Well, actually we already did tell you so . . . a very long time ago.

Brown’s close relationship with Mark Uffer was reported last year where Uffer promised Brown a job if anything happened to Second District Supervisor Paul Biane.  And between FPPC filings, a politically-motivated Colonies investigation by the district attorney and attorney general, false accusations by Uffer, and a long list of other improprieties alleged against Biane, it looked like Brown just may need Uffer’s help.

Unfortunately for Brown, Uffer was canned first and so far Biane seems to be made of Teflon.  Now, the District Attorney’s office is being forced to release all evidence in connection with the Colonies scandal, which will tell us all who dropped a dime on whom.  That is a double whammy for a politico, especially this politico.  It could end his career both in politics and government.

But somehow Brown seems to think this is all some sort of surprise.  Matt, when you watched the “Jerry and Mike Show” or read the complaint, could you not see where this was headed?  Even Stevie Wonder could have seen it coming.

I mean really Matt.  Look at the difference in how things were handled for the Fourth District versus the Second District.  In the Fourth District it was Mark Kirk who received $100,000 for his PAC and he is the one being labeled “John Doe No. 4.”  In the Second District it was you, Matt Brown, who received $100,000 for your PAC yet it is your boss that is being labeled “John Doe No. 5.”  Do you not see the problem?

Matt, so why would you cc your letter to Lewis Cope?  That is interesting.  We are wondering if it was Cope who put you up to this.  Now, with your letter, he has admitted in the press that he has violated a court order and not turned over all the evidence.  Guess what?  They either turn it over before the prelim or the charges get dropped.  Despite the fact that Mikey played hooky during Constitutional Law 101, the Constitution of the United States is still in full force and effect.  A prelim cannot take place unless the defense has all discovery and that includes your testimony, with which the defense gets to do what they want.

If you are angry at anyone over all of this, first it should be yourself and second it should be Mike and Jerry.  After all, when they held the press conference they might as well as said you are a snitch because any reasonable person would have assumed that.  You had to have know this would all come out at some point or are the district attorney investigators telling you the same lie they are telling Adam Aleman?  You know the one . . . “You’ll never have to testify.”

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