It’s really getting deep here.

While I’m glad to see the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors make available to prosecutors materials related to the Colonies settlement, the legal premise is kind of interesting.

I can’t seem to find any licensed practicing attorney that buys the restrictive limited waiver story.

The uniform response seems to be a waiver is a waiver.

Only certain documents and interviews will be provided and remain privileged unless criminal charges are filed. Not!

Attorneys are pretty much saying once a document or interview is obtained, you can kiss attorney-client privilege good-bye as to that particular material.

I hate to break the bad news but criminal charges have been filed and without a doubt the attorneys for defendants Jim Erwin and Bill Postmus will want to view any materials obtained by the District Attorney and Attorney General.

The need for the materials will exist whether additional persons are charged or not. Especially if no additional charges are filed against any more persons.