Sun / Daily Bulletin newspaper Editor Frank Pine put in some extra effort over the past few weeks.

He even inked an op-ed column on the subject.

Pine and his newspapers spent their time hammering away at the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors over their slowness to waiver “Attorney-Client Privilege” protecting documents and lawyers involving the $102 million Colonies Settlement from being accessed by state and county investigators.

The county has filed suit against three entities to recover funds paid out in the settlement and county supervisors were concerned a waiver might damage the county’s case.

Investigators wanted and were eventually granted access to the materials in an effort to determine whether or not any wrongdoing occurred.

Pine’s cry for transparency and open government are commonplace in his news publications.

A looming question is whether or not Pine will support the release of materials related to a county investigation into the conduct of District Attorney Michael A. Ramos involving DA employee Cheryl Ristow.

InlandPolitics has learned Ristow’s Rancho Cucamonga-based attorney James Reiss has requested the material.

Ristow is expected to file a civil action before an August deadline.

Pine’s newspaper has been well aware of many of Ramos’ escapades but has remained steadfastly silent on the subject while at the same time blindly supportive of the two-term DA.

Rumors are quietly circulating that others have come forward on various matters regarding Ramos. Those matters while not likely to affect Ramos’ reelection, won’t be so irrelevant in the months following

So Mr. Pine, will you call for the release of the Ramos materials so that, as you put it, the truth can been seen?

It’s OK, you can wait until after the June election.