Written by Administrator
April 10th, 2010 at 9:17 pm

I really need to stop reading former San Bernardino County Administrative Officer Mark Uffer’s Claim Against the County.  Every time I do, I find something new.  Like tonight I came across the email from Postmus to Biane calling Biane a POS.  That was too funny.

Something else was pointed out to me today that got me reading the thing again.  That was some more of the questions Mark Uffer suggested the Grand Jury ask Mark Kirk.

I have always said that Mark Kirk was responsible for getting Bill Postmus to resign.  If you remember correctly, at Supervisor Paul Biane’s direction, Ruth Stringer determined that it would cost up to $1 million and take up to two years.  Supervisor Gary Ovitt became chairman and Kirk took care of the issue in short order.

At the time I did not know Bill Postmus but once I did meet him and we became friends, this issue has been a bone of contention between us.  Kirk insists no deal was cut with Bill.  Bill insists that he cut a deal where he agreed to resign as long as no lawsuit was filed.  And, of course, a lawsuit was filed very soon after his resignation.

Kirk used a mutual friend, Dino DeFazio, to broker the deal.  That much everyone agrees on.  Bill says that his attorney also discussed the deal with Ruth Stringer before all parties agreed to it.  And he also states that DeFazio discussed it with Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt who agreed to the “no lawsuit” provision as did Stringer.

If you look at page 138 of the Uffer document found here:  Uffer-Document, it appears that Bill Postmus and Mark Uffer actually agree on something.  Uffer seems to be accusing Kirk of making  a deal with Bill that Kirk was not authorized to make.

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