A source familiar with last years Grand Jury proceedings focusing on the investigation into the Colonies Settlement is alluding that two more names were in play during the proceedings.

Apparently, on the wall of the Grand Jury room where testimony was being taken were enlarged Department of Motor Vehicles photographs of seven individuals.

Those individuals consisted of the five men who have been all but named by District Attorney Mike Ramos as being John Doe’s one through five in charging documents related to allegations stemming from the 2006 Colonies Settlement.

The other two men displayed were none other than Second District Chief of Staff Matt Brown and Former State Senator Jim Brulte.

Brulte, who has been actively supporting Ramos’ current reelection bid and served as Master of Ceremonies at a Ramos campaign event, acted as an intermediary in 2005. During that process Supervisors Bill Postmus and Paul Biane threw county attorney’s out of the room and reached a $77 million settlement that eventually unraveled when the terms were leaked to local newspapers.

Brown has been Supervisor Paul Biane’s Chief of Staff since his election in 2002 runs a Political Action Committee that was also the recipient of $100,000 in Colonies money months after the settlement was finalized.

It will be interesting to see what role the two men played in the investigation as more facts are disclosed.