Well now the long-awaited Uffer claim has hit the presses will all the fan fare one would expect.

The April fool’s day filing is only fitting.

Let’s get this straight. Mr. Uffer wants to be made whole until his claim/case is resolved, meaning he wants full pay and benefits to continue beyond his one year severance.

It doesn’t take much to blow holes in this so-called claim by a whistle-blower.

Mr. Uffer apparently has forgotten about previous sworn testimony, which contradicts statements he has made in his claim.

Mr. Uffer also apparently left out of his claim the part about trying to hire his golf pro buddy from Arrowhead Country Club into an exempt position on more than one occasion.

Mr. Uffer also left out the Land Use Services mismanagement debacle costing taxpayers millions. Of course Uffer claims he didn’t know anything.

Mr. Uffer has apparently forgotten all of his free race care rides at the speedway and other gifts.

Mr. Uffer has apparently forgotten all of his Arrowhead Regional Medical Center extras.

Mr. Uffer has apparently forgotten all of the financial landmines he covered up.

When you’re unqualified and in over your head, one is forced to either manage by fear and intimidation or by buying people off. Mr. Uffer did both. In this type of atmosphere you weave a web where instead of a focus on managing operations you focus on cover-ups and misdirection. When you thrive in an environment where keeping the Board of Supervisors at odds, it’s time to go.

Saying one was let go because they were a whistle-blower assumes the Board knew what was occurring. In this instant claim/case Uffer had to go out of his way to let everyone know what he had been doing after he had already left county service.

Mr. Uffer claims he was fighting corruption, when instead it was his job as County Administrative Officer to just say “no” when necessary.

Instead he chose to go along for the ride.

As the public will find out. Things are not always as they appear to be.