The paralysis of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors would appear to be deepening as the weeks pass.

The malaise in county government is no more. Call it “frozen” government.

Be thankful county supervisors are letting their new administrative officer Greg Devereaux manage, and more importantly effect changes without their consent being required at every turn.

What a difference a qualified leader can make.

However, not having board meetings is becoming an acute problem, since most of the supervisors decisions must be made in the public eye.

With an already diminished meeting schedule from the onset of the new year, the board is now also suffering from lack of quorum issues. Whether it’s for legitimate reasons or board members fearful of being arrested by the county’s problem District Attorney, the condition exists never-the-less.

Sources tell the blog that critical budget discussions can’t get off the ground because the entire five-member board won’t be present for a month-long period.

Devereaux needs to use his authority to push through what changes he can given the circumstances.

The county’s next fiscal year starts in just 90 days.

Does anyone really care?