Janice Rutherford

One surprising development in candidate filings last week saw Upland Mayor John Pomierski deciding not to challenge second district supervisor Paul Biane for his seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Pomierski earlier this year expressed a desire to run for the seat.

Instead, we now have Fontana City Councilwoman Janice Rutherford wanting the job.

Pomierski had been coddled by the Lewis Group of Companies and encouraged to run.

It would now seem Rutherford has taken Pomierski’s place as the Lewis’ anointed candidate of choice. The Lewis family may view Rutherford as a more pristine challenger of Biane. After all, Pomierski does have a couple vulnerabilities for exploitation.

So why not trade up?

What is apparent is Biane, who has always been viewed as being in the Lewis political camp had lost his usefulness to the developer even before the latest revelations from the ongoing county corruption investigation.

Rutherford will not only need financing from the Lewis’, she will also need Biane’s donors to defect.

Could the Lewis Companies, who are strong supporters of District Attorney Mike Ramos, have known what was in store for Biane?

Of course not.

Nice crystal ball…..