One year later and no word has come out of the San Bernardino County District Attorney as to whether or not he will charge political ally and former Third District Supervisor Dennis Hansberger.

Hansberger’s successor, Supervisor Neil Derry lodged a complaint directly with Ramos on March 2, 2009 alleging Hansberger directed his staff to destroy all of  the Districts correspondence and project files. A violation of county policy and a felony under California law.

Hansberger openly admitted to local newspapers that he directed the action occur.

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Sources confirm that shortly after the complaint was filed, District Attorney investigators interviewed the staffs to Derry and Hansberger and inspected several empty file cabinet drawers.

Sources say District Attorney Investigator Gary Barnes even acknowledged to Derry’s office that what Hansberger had done was a felony.

Ramos, along with retired Sheriff-Coroner Gary Penrod and Congressman Jerry Lewis (R-Redlands) aggressively supported Hansberger’s reelection bid. The three men also recorded radio spots on behalf of Hansberger.


Two weeks after the complaint was filed Derry’s chief of staff was arrested by Ramos.

It would seem that Ramos has sent the Hansberger matter into the proverbial black hole as another example of political favoritism.