Ongoing investigations by the county, and state and federal agencies appear poised to deal devastating blows to the reputation of San Bernardino County-owned Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC).

Investigations have revealed multiple instances of medical malpractice highlighted by failures to properly diagnose.

At least one critical instance of misconduct resulting in permanent catastrophic injury was concealed from the parents of the victim. The failure to make a simple diagnosis in a timely manner was the cause.

Medical staff members at the facility have been speaking out in recent months in an effort to bring problems to the attention of government officials.

On top of medical errors at the hospital, a major non-medical irregularity uncovered at ARMC involves Medical Director Dr. Dev GnanaDev.

Records indicate that under the oversight of former County Administrative Officer Mark Uffer, GnanaDev was handed the power to negotiate and award the contract for his own medical group.

A lucrative arrangement and clear conflict of interest.

ARMC awards contract to various medical specialty groups that serve the facility. Physicians who have privileges and work at the facility are employed by the various medical groups.

GnanaDev is chief of surgery at ARMC.