The term “idiot” and San Bernardino County Supervisor Josie Gonzales remain synonymous.

San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos and Attorney General Jerry Brown made sensational corruption allegations last week as an intro to their respective election campaigns.

Allegations that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

I guess in San Bernardino County you can forget about the standard of reasonable doubt. Or maybe Gonzales doesn’t know what the concept means.

Eager to jump up on the grandstand with Republican “in name only” Ramos and Democrat Brown. Gonzales immediately calls for a special closed session to confer with her colleagues. She even put out a press release with her announcement of the request.

What! No news conference madam supervisor?

Gonzales, most likely at the behest of Ramos, wanted to not only launch an investigation of the Assessors office again, but her colleagues as well. Gonzales also wanted to file lawsuits to recover the settlement money.

We’re all sure some law firm is willing and waiting to rake in some billable hours for this scholarly idea.

County supervisors have already blown $840,000 on two investigations last year.

Gonzales ideas appear to have landed with a resounding thud.

Supervisor Gonzales while your out making idiot suggestions, go explain to Ramos and Brown that flood control district money is used for “flood control” and not public safety functions such as fire and sheriff.