Posted by Administrator at 12 February 2010

As previously reported, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors (BOS) is only meeting this year 27 out of 52 weeks, which proves we could do just fine with a part-time Board of Supervisors. Besides for the usual 12 “dark” weeks due to regular holidays, the BOS has found an additional 13 holidays to celebrate to justify their additional “darkness.”

Next Tuesday is “Do a Grouch a Favor Day,” which is an appropriate reason to be dark. Unfortunately, San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos has gotten in the way with his corruption scandal implicating two of five sitting board members. Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales has called for an emergency closed session meeting on Tuesday in an email that read:

“Due to the shocking new allegations of a far-reaching criminal conspiracy contained in the Postmus-Erwin complaint released today, I ask that an emergency closed session meeting of the Board of Supervisors be scheduled. The members of the board must be apprised of our legal options and give direction expeditiously.”

Ya know, next time Moonbeam is in town, Josie needs to join them on the podium. They would make a great three-some.

Of course, they didn’t listen to iePolitics and get rid of County Counsel Ruth Stringer when they had the chance. Now they have to get their legal advice from her. They might all just as well attend dressed in orange jumpsuits.