*** The following letter was forwarded to InlandPolitics with a request to publish after 6:00 P.M. this evening***


February 12, 2010

Dear Jeff,

We write this letter to ask you to cease your passive stance towards District Attorney Michael Ramos.

News of the unwarranted attack on your reputation and credibility, and that of your friends and supporters has reached many of us in the last forty-eight hours.

You have been a respected member of your community for years. You have been unselfish in helping your community and neighbors. You built your business from nothing and have come so far to have it all destroyed by this man.

We commend your passion in devoting countless hours of your life to assist those less fortunate in life by contributing back to not just your community, but areas throughout the United States.

You have so many friends and supporters from around the country who stand ready to help you address what has been forced upon you.

It is the understanding of many of us that District Attorney Ramos actually looked you in the eye and assured you that no evidence of any wrongdoing had ever been found against you. It is also our understanding that a Mr. David Ellis, a representative for the District Attorney informed you that a clearance letter directed at you was forthcoming.

Apparently, this was all just an elaborate ruse.

We would like you to know we our outraged by this lie and the massive showboating that occurred on national television. We believe the sole purpose of this action was meant to generate political capital and destroy you.

Based on the events of Wednesday morning you might just as well have been arrested and charged.

Dozens of us have contacted you over the last thirty-six hours to offer our resources to you. We no longer believe it’s in your best interest to stand still any longer.

You have done nothing to deserve this.

It’s time to let us assist in ending this absolute abuse of power.

Very truly yours,

Your Friends and Investors