District Attorney Mike Ramos


There’s just no other word to describe it. Well maybe “disingenuous” might work as well.

Does San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos have an honest bone in his body?

Since the re-election window is approaching on the event horizon, our illustrious District Attorney has embarked on taking credit for everything around. Sources tell InlandPolitics this may soon include the invention of sliced bread.

If anything, Ramos prostituting himself around the county is at least entertaining.

This week we were all treated to how Ramos envisioned and implemented the District Attorney Truancy Program. A highly successful program that has dramatically reduced student truancy throughout the county.

As usual, local newspapers fell for the Ramos public relations sham. Gullible Inland newspapers oozed out articles and editorials praising Ramos for his great idea.

Not so fast!

The only problem. The program was instituted ten years ago under the retired District Attorney Dennis Stout. If memory serves us correctly, Ramos has been in office just seven years.

I really love math, don’t you? In politics what’s a few years here or there, right?

Keep in mind, the newspapers dislike Stout and have hooked themselves to Ramos like a ball and chain.

Ramos has even taken the credit for conjuring up the idea for the now “morally bankrupt” Public Integrity Unit. Another untrue statement.

Again, another idea of his predecessor that was not funded by county supervisors until Ramos’ first year in office.

A few weeks ago the Hispanic Chamber put on a luncheon in the High Desert. Ramos arrogant as ever, showed up and pushed his way onto a question and answer panel. However, fearing something bad might be asked, Ramos refused to take random questions from the audience

Some of the Women in attendance had nothing to say about Ramos other than “Isn’t he the one that cheated on his wife?”

How did the county ever wind up with this piece of work?