It looks like The Sun newspaper is feeling a little self-conscious these days.

Editor Frank Pine, the subject of much criticism on this blog over the past several months for his rose-colored glasses when it comes to his newspapers non-reporting of stories for which they have facts in hand is trying to defend his actions.

Are Pine’s rose-colored glasses the problem? Or is there an agenda?

It sure hurts when questions like this become focused on a local newspaper.

Pine has just now penned a couple op-eds on how their editorial board functions, and how confidential sources are “red” flags……… How they take extra strides in reporting accurate fact-based news stories.

Oh please, spare us the diatribe.

Most newspapers have some degree of self-serving interests in the way they write their news stories. Heck, who doesn’t.

The Sun along with other Inland Empire print media live in a dream world of believing they shape public opinion by how they spin the news. A clearly dishonest foundation to embark from.

The Sun and it’s affiliated newspapers, and even the Riverside Press Enterprise, have the unsavory habit of locking themselves into positions to the point of when proven wrong they just stick with it regardless, and in the end come out looking bad.

When a newspaper editor has to try and explain the rationale of where they’re coming from to their readers, they are in serious trouble.

Circulations still falling is it?

Switch to a blog and put out the truth Mr. Pine. You will get more readers.

It may help if you rent and view Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane.