Well just when you thought you had heard it all another unbelievable story emerges.

This time it’s from the San Bernardino City Unified School District.

Sources from within the district tell InlandPolitics that schools in the district have ran out of money for supplies for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Meaning teachers and principals cannot submit requisitions through June 30, 2010.

The spending crunch has even prevented schools from ordering toilet paper for student restrooms. That’s right toilet paper!

Isn’t this a heath and hygiene issue. Maybe it’s time for the County Health Department to randomly visit some locations.

A tip. Look at the schools in the poor neighborhoods.

Teachers at some schools have sent home lists of needed materials in the hope that parents may help out. Apparently hundreds of teachers throughout the district routinely buy supplies with their own money due to the district allocating each classroom a few hundred dollars per year.

The district reduced teachers due to declining enrollment in it’s elementary schools this year. However, instead of cutting positions they retained them by using “one-time” federal stimulus dollars to back-fill payroll costs. Many of the teachers have been floated to various classrooms. But, the same budget problem will one again re-emerge this June. Expect a new round of pink slips.

There are so many classrooms with non-permanently assigned teachers that consistency and quality of instruction is seriously damaged.

Has California’s financial collapse truly sunk to this level?

Are the school districts Board of Trustee’s asleep at the switch?

Is San Bernardino City Unified broke?

Some questions need to be answered here.

And people wonder why San Bernardino can’t shake its “shit-ass” image.