One has to admit the political buzz in San Bernardino County is non-stop.

Many reverberations have crossed the transom regarding District Attorney Michael A. Ramos’ motivation for his politically charged actions over the past 18 months.

Some motivations that have surfaced of late have gained credibility.

While Ramos is employing the “I’m fighting political corruption” mantra in limited public appearances throughout the county, other issues have arisen that involve not only Ramos, but his Orange County-based consultant David Ellis, owner of Delta Partners, LLC.

It becomes really slimy and underhanded from here.

While Ramos is mostly known for his interest in having serial extramarital affairs, drunkenness, and an affinity for golf, he also worries about his political future. With his past, who wouldn’t.

Ellis on the other hand cares about three things and three things only. Those being Franklin, Grant, and Jackson!

He’ll sell anyone down the river for a buck.

Let’s talk about a couple targets of the Ramos/Ellis tag team.

Jason Anderson, Former Ontario City Councilman

Anderson is a veteran Deputy District Attorney in Ramos’ own department. Anderson used to be a member of the Ontario City Council. That is until he was sold down the river in 2008.

It seems Ramos was of the misplaced belief that Anderson may be put up to run against him for DA in 2010, and one of Anderson’s political supporters was Jeff Burum.

Bad news for Anderson.

Ellis was Anderson’s political consultant who was entrusted to get him re-elected. More bad news for Anderson.

Anderson was a certain “shoe-in” for re-election. He kept himself out of trouble and made sound decisions on the council. Ellis just had to run a sound campaign and Anderson would win.

Not so fast.

After months of reassurance from Ellis that he was a slam dunk on election day, Anderson lost.

Why you ask?

The post-mortem after the election led to only one conclusion. Ellis sold Anderson down the river. Ellis barely lifted a finger to ensure Anderson’s victory. Ellis is a paid consultant, and money was no object.

There was no absentee voter chase program, no significant mail campaign, no nothing!

The perceived goal here. Deal a political defeat to Anderson and make him a non-viable candidate for District Attorney.

One friend stabbed in the back.

Patrick O’Reilly, CEO of O’Reilly Public Relations

Here we have a good hard-working man, who spent years of his life building a very successful public relations and governmental consulting business based in Riverside.

The problem here? O’Reilly became viewed as a competitor to Ellis.

Even though O’Reilly and Ellis worked together on issues in the past, nothing stands between Ellis and the dough.

Here Ramos did a favor for Ellis.

One of O’Reilly’s clients was Colonies Partners, LP.

Colonies is well known for a controversial $102 million settlement with the County of San Bernardino. A settlement Ramos’ office investigates when politically expedience dictates. I think two or maybe three investigations so far. Believe me. Everyone is getting tired of being asked the same questions over and over again.

Ramos gets caught with another mistress. Presto! There’s a new Colonies investigation. I think Ramos should call this deflection tactic “Investigation in a Box”. Look at it like Jiffy Pop Popcorn.

Nothing improper has or ever will be found to have occurred with the settlement. Ramos knows it. His staff knows it.

O’Reilly was under consideration to be newly-appointed San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops political consultant. A job sought by Ellis, and one that Ramos wanted him to have. Ramos wanted to get his claws into Hoops. After all, the County Sheriff has a lot of power.

Unknown to O’Reilly, in January 2009, Ramos had pulled O’Reilly’s name into an investigation involving a trip he had taken in 2007 with Colonies Partner Jeff Burum and Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin.

All O’Reilly did was go on a trip. In return Ramos trashes him into the ground at every turn.

Wanna wound your perceived enemies? Make them look like crooks.

Something else O’Reilly didn’t know was by February 2009, Ramos was privately bashing his reputation with Hoops. Ramos had a close relationship with retired Sheriff Gary Penrod, but not Hoops. So Ramos had to put in extra effort to sway Hoops to his side.

Rod Hoops is a non-controversial, kind-hearted and well meaning man. A peace officer, not a politician.

Ramos on the other hand is a politician first, “all-about-me” kind of person. Forget law enforcement.

Actually, Ramos could care less about child prostitution or victim’s rights. It just sounds good. After all, the man can’t keep his trousers zipped. When his office or a hotel room won’t do, the back seat of his car will.

O’Reilly not only lost Hoops as a potential client, he lost all business with the County of San Bernardino and was stiffed for $80,000 in work the county has never paid for.

It’s a wonder Hoops can stand the odor. If these guys will do this to their good friends, the question becomes who’s next??

Another friend stabbed in the back.