Posted by Administrator at 4 February 2010

Throughout the investigation into the sexual harassment complaint against San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos, iePolitics suggested that the final report against Ramos would be scathing.

That was based on several factors.

First, we had seen some of the evidence first hand—evidence that we mistakenly believed could not be covered up.  Second, we had sources close to the investigation.  Third, Ramos loves to drink and spill his guts.  Even he confided to his drinking buddies that his days were numbered.

We expected the report to be out some time in November, but suddenly there was one delay after another.  And, Ramos started flexing his muscles once again, sending his investigators out to harass members of the Board of Supervisors and their staffers with frivolous questioning and intimidation.  Then we heard of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) referrals just days before the report was to go before the Board of Supervisors and guessed a deal had been cut.  It was upsetting, but not surprising, to see the final report.  No one can objectively look at that final report and not come to the conclusion that something smells, stinks actually.

The report reeks so badly of deal-cutting between certain members of the Board of Supervisors and Ramos that  formal calls have been made for federal investigators to intervene to determine if crimes have been committed.   Several current and former Government Center employees have already interviewed with federal investigators regarding Ramos’ actions.

When one compares the aggravated circumstances of Second District Supervisor Paul Biane’s FPPC filings (or lack thereof) and newly-hired County Administrative Officer Greg Devereaux’s “mistake” to the approach taken with Jim Erwin, it is obvious one or more persons have been given special treatment.  The question is, “In exchange for what?”  And that exchange, if proven, carries far harsher criminal penalties than an FPPC fine.

Despite inaccurate headlines by local newspapers, the already-completed report did NOT clear Ramos of lying to the public nor did it clear him of the allegations that he had a sexual relationship with one or more subordinate employees or of having a sexual relationship with Public Defender Doreen Boxer, which could be the most problematic of all of the allegations against Ramos.  The report also did not clear his executive staff and some attorneys of sexual rendezvous with subordinates in the stairwells, misuse of county vehicles, time card fraud, political activity on county time, illegal wiretaps, and a host of other allegations that appear to have enough footing to warrant further investigation.

Scuttlebutt suggests the Board of Supervisors is tired of all the games Ramos is playing.  He has put the county in harm’s way and we are hearing suggestions of another investigation into the actual mismanagement of the District Attorney’s office.

Ramos has apparently heard these rumors as well because he is back up to his old tricks.  Yesterday, District Attorney investigators attempted contact with one of Board of Supervisors Chairman Gary Ovitt’s former staffers to discuss the “Erwin/Postmus” investigation.  But the questioning quickly turned to the political action committee run by Chief of Staff Mark Kirk, Alliance for Ethical Government.  Kirk’s PAC has been investigated, re-investigated, and investigated some more by Ramos and no wrongdoing can be found.  But Ramos knows how to get to the Board and that is by attacking the person who holds the single most powerful position in county government.

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