Posted by La Cochita at 3 February 2010

Twelve citizens of the city of Grand Terrace have a filed a request with District Attorney Mike Ramos to investigate one of his many mistresses for Government Code section 1090 violations. Which mistress you may ask. Yes, I realize it is difficult to keep them all straight. This time around it is Bertha Bea Cortes, a councilwoman for Grand Terrace.

Cortes has bragged to community members about her relationship with Ramos and her use of that relationship to effect a prosecution of fellow councilman Jim Miller for, you guess it, Government Code section 1090 violations. What’s that old adage about “living in glass houses”?

Unlike Miller, Cortes’ violations appear deliberate. Additionally, Cortes, who sources indicate to iePolitics has children living in the home, reports no income whatsoever despite an active real estate license, and advertising by herself and her broker on her behalf. It is unclear how she paid to keep her license active or for the advertising, or for that matter how she feeds and clothes her children with no income. There are no $11,000 payments on Ramos’ 460 to Cortes, so her source of support remains a mystery.

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