Posted by Administrator at 3 February 2010

The story from InlandPolitics below is simply amazing. We all heard the rumors of District Attorney Mike Ramos putting the screws to Supervisor Paul Biane. We heard stories of him being in hiding and waiting for District Attorney investigators to show up at his door to place him in handcuffs. His attendance at Board of Supervisors meetings waned. He looked sullen when he did appear in public. Some suspected it was his alcoholism but those in the know knew it he was scared to death.

He seemed paralyzed.

Why shouldn’t he be scared? Of course he should be scared. The stories of backroom payments from developers abound but those could be true or they could be urban legend. What we know to be true are the unreported gifts such as the recent revelation about the trip with a developer on a private jet to a football game back East. There are also other stories of trips to Mexico and Cuba. And we know from the “Jim Erwin Model” that such lapses result in felony charges and arrests. Paul has had a lot to be worried about.

And worried he was. Worried to the tune of spending almost $50,000 out of his campaign funds for a criminal defense attorney. That is a LOT of worried.

A whole lot.

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