Two staunch allies of District Attorney Mike Ramos have quietly scored payouts by way of lucrative contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some of the contracts, concentrated among three local agencies, have an interesting genesis.

The two Ramos allies are David Ellis owner of Delta Partners, LLC, located in Irvine and Brett Granlund, a registered lobbyist with Platinum Advisors in Sacramento.

The three local agencies giving financial benefit to the two businessmen are the County of San Bernardino, San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association (SBCERA), and Yucaipa Valley Water District.

Last year, Yucaipa Valley Water District paid Platinum Advisors $70,775 and Delta Partners $90,000. The San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association paid Platinum Advisors $74,000 and an undisclosed amount to Delta Partners. The County of San Bernardino paid Platinum $243,395.29.

An email from to SBCERA requesting contract information related to Delta Partners has not been answered. The contract is up for amendment on tomorrow’s retirement board agenda.

Interestingly, Ellis was the Political Consultant to former Treasurer-Tax Collector-Public Administrator Dick Larsen and former candidate to replace Larsen, Assistant Treasurer Annette Kerber.

Ellis is also the paid Political Consultant and spokesperson for District Attorney Mike Ramos.

Granlund has been a long-time friend and ally of Ramos stretching back more than 15 years.

Ellis was also Granlund’s political consultant,when Granlund served three terms in the California State Assembly.

Sources indicate Larsen was the major proponent for Ellis’ contract with SBCERA, which is not surprising.

Another interesting dynamic is Granlund’s brother Bruce Granlund is an elected board member for the Yucaipa Valley Water District.

Platinum representing both the county and the pension fund brings forward conflict of interest questions. The pension fund has to represent the systems participants first and foremost, even if the interest of the pension fund is not in agreement with that of the county, which has happened before.

Last year, county supervisors declining to go out to bid, extended Platinum’s three-year contract for one year.

Why do both legally separate entities have the same lobbyist?

Why does a retirement board need both a governmental consultant and a registered lobbyist?

Can you say cozy…