Posted by Administrator at 1 February 2010

Maybe when San Bernardino County’s Chief Legal Eagle Ruth Stringer is booted in a few weeks, President Obama will appoint her to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

From our experience she would be a perfect fit with the aberrant justices already sitting on that bench.

Under Stringer’s matronly tutelage we have all been blessed to learn new legal concepts not taught in any law school but practiced with fervor here in San Bernardino County.  For example, “fornicating” is apparently synonymous with “deliberating” as in the “deliberative process.”  We are not sure what an elected official and his inamorata would deliberate about at  2 a.m. that the public isn’t entitled to know since the “deliberating” is taking place on our dime.  We also haven’t figured out why salmon and wine can be made public but the raw oysters and asparagus cannot.  Perhaps it is the “Stringer Rule of Libidinous Measure.”

Then there are those pesky expense accounts that cannot be released because campaign donors also “deliberate” with elected officials.  Hmm . . . under Stringer Rules that opens up a whole new can of worms not yet discussed on this blog.  Brad, Paul, Neil, Gary, and Josie, inquiring minds want to know about what you do and who you do it with when you are “deliberating.”  That should generate a plethora of blog stories and hits for weeks to come.

Now we find another of Stringer’s well-thought-out strategies is at the forefront once again.  Last year Ruth “never-have-found-a-case-we-can-handle-inhouse” Stringer provided with Board of Supervisors with the sage advice to hire John Hueston of Enron fame to investigate the Assessor’s Office.  Over $500,000 later we have a report based more on rumor and innuendo than fact and six lawsuits on the verge of being dismissed because of piss-poor legal advice.

Yes, that is right.  Stringer and Hueston have frittered away a half million dollars of taxpayer money with nothing to show for it.  And now they want more.  But there is a problem.  Ruth isn’t as golden haired as she used to be.  The Miss Clairol is fading fast.  And even the most ardent supporter is starting to lose patience.

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