10:05 PM PST on Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

San Jacinto Mayor Dale Stubblefield filed his answer with the city Tuesday to the recall petition against him, according to the city clerk’s office.

The recall campaign is further along against three other City Council members, and the clerk’s office said Tuesday a review of the petition seeking their removal is still in progress.

In his response Stubblefield wrote that he would continue to serve “in a professional and respectful manner.”

Stubblefield and councilmen Jim Ayres, John Mansperger and Jim Potts were indicted in November by the Riverside County district attorney’s office in a political corruption case. They have pleaded not guilty.

A group called San Jacinto Corruption Recall Active Movement is trying to remove the four from office. Proponents called them “unfit” and “unethical” public servants in their notice of intent to recall.

The process against Stubblefield is on a different timeline than the other three because of a legal glitch.

Because a form was missing a date the first time the four were served notice, they had to be served a second time. Ayres, Mansperger and Potts filed their responses with the city by a Dec. 30 deadline.

But Stubblefield questioned this month whether he was legally served because his notice was left on a wreath on his front door. So the recall group served him a third time.

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