County Supervisor Paul Biane has broken his silence. Now his statements bear some analysis.

A leisure trip to West Virginia that occurred in September 2008 was reimbursed out of Biane’s campaign funds. Did the reimbursement occur in September 2008 or when the amended disclosure form was filed in March 2009, just 8 days before the arrest of Jim Erwin, former Chief of Staff to Supervisor Neil Derry?

Erwin was charged with ten counts of perjury and filing false documents related to a trip and gift he received in January 2007.

Erwin resigned from his job and was made to post $220,000 bail.

The bet is on March 2009.

The costs were also under reimbursed.

No attempt to disclose occurred until Biane became aware that District Attorney investigators had found out about his travel and non-disclosure.

It would appear Biane had no intent to ever disclose anything until the gig was up.

Biane saying one of his reasons for going on the trip was to speak to Ontario City Manager Greg Devereaux about the County Administrative Officer (CAO) position is laughable to say the least. Biane was fully supportive of recently fired CAO Mark Uffer. As a matter of fact one could describe Biane as being blindly loyal to Uffer. Uffer gave Biane funding for every trinket and toy he ever wanted. Biane voted against Uffer’s termination late last year and now wants everyone to believe he was out recruiting newly hired CAO Devereaux on a golf trip back east.

The proverbial crap is really getting deep here.

Biane is desperately attempting to try and create a nexus between a purely leisure trip and official governmental or political activities, which would justify payment from campaign funds.

He knew the rules. He blew it. Instead of being criminally charged for perjury and filing false documents, Biane looks forward to a most likely stiff fine thanks to District Attorney Mike Ramos, who has his own problems.

Biane’s tone in his statements transmits the message “the DA isn’t going to touch this matter again”.

More questions need to be asked.