Posted by Administrator3 at 19 January 2010

For almost a year the question has been asked repeatedly, “Why would San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos take on the likes of Jim Erwin?” It’s especially puzzling for several reasons.

First, Mike is a poltroon. He utilizes his paltry supply of testosterone to satisfy his overactive libido. None is left to be a man in any other way. He is emasculated. He is not capable of going to battle because he believes in the righteousness of an issue. To suggest he is attempting to “clean up corruption” is ludicrous, especially coming from one of the most corrupt district attorneys in the entire country.

Second, Mike and Jim were at least casual friends at one point and certainly political allies. As president of the Safety Employees Benefit Association (SEBA), Jim helped Mike and his political friends in their campaigns for elected office. A SEBA endorsement is substantial in this county and to potentially alienate such a powerful force could be political suicide.

And, finally Jim is hardly associated with “cowardice.” Anyone who knows Jim knows he would fight back with everything in his arsenal and Mike has been providing his enemies with a substantial supply of heavy artillery for many years now. All who follow local politics could easily predict the fallout over such a prosecution.

So what has really occurred here?

As we examine the big picture in this situation, we discover there has also been substantial collateral damage. But is it really collateral damage? Perhaps, those damaged were the intended targets and Jim Erwin was simply used as a means to bring discredit to them.

Who benefits most from the collateral damage? Mike certainly doesn’t, at least not directly. He is hanging onto his position by a thread, and chances are, is no longer a viable candidate for the coveted congressional seat to be vacated by Congressman Jerry Lewis.

But there is one person who does benefit from the prosecution, not only by giving him an excuse to run again in 2012, but also giving him the satisfaction of destroying the reputations of those he feels did him wrong. Who would that be? The answer, of course, is Dennis Hansberger.

Hansberger was defeated by newcomer Neil Derry in 2008 after a nasty campaign, funded in part by SEBA. Erwin served as the brains and powerbroker behind the scenes, and became Derry’s chief of staff, deservedly so, once Derry trounced Hansberger.

Erwin’s arrest and prosecution killed many birds with a single proverbial stone. The arrest harmed Erwin, an obvious political foe for Hansberger, but also embarrassed Derry who ran on an ethics platform. More importantly, Ramos’ inclusion of unnecessary salacious details will forever link one of the county’s most powerful millionaires, Jeff Burum, with prostitution and bribery, both of which appear to be unfounded. Ramos couldn’t produce a single criminal charge against Burum and his partners so instead opted to harm him by destroying his reputation in the community and his businesses.

Anyone really believe that Hansberger isn’t enjoying every moment of this? But that is not all Ramos and Hansberger have been a part of.

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