When a person has a good thing going, you would think they would leave just leave it be.

For former San Bernardino County executive Mark Uffer this concept appears too high of a hurdle.

A full one year’s severance including all the benefits, bells, and whistles, hasn’t quite done the trick

Mr. Uffer has apparently been quietly spinning several tales out in the community in a heroic face-saving endeavor.  I guess you gotta try. Right?

The former county administrative officer has let it be known that he has been an informant for the District Attorney for the year prior to his departure.

Originally, it was reported elsewhere that Uffer wore a recording device.

Who knows, who cares.

Hey, if it is all true, there’s always new found fame on the witness stand.

Although, Uffer’s name has popped up in various District Attorney discovery materials involving current and former county officials.

Uffer has also let it be known that he has voluminous documents depicting credit card abuses by current county officials. Enough to send everybody away for “twenty” years.

I don’t think first-time rapists get twenty year prison terms. Do they?

I’m glad we got that one out of the way.

The newest and highly entertaining story coming out of “Ufferland” really makes the moment.

According to the fallen master, his departure was pre-planned some time ago, and he was even in on the planning. Uffer even says he was also onboard with the potential impending arrival of Ontario City Manager Greg Devereaux. In the world according to Uffer this was indeed the master plan all along.

This guy being kicked out on his can by a split 3-2 vote of county supervisors was a planned transition that he was in on all along? Give me a break.

As a matter of fact give us all a break.

Uffer is reported to have appeared shocked and angered after the board vote.

Just some entertaining reading for Sunday morning….