When things are working fine and then they change…I wonder why.

The old blog has been one of the most remarkable ‘private media’ ventures to date…not in capital gains as most ventures seek..

Sharon’s gold lie in the issues and the truths, underlying facts on many topics…and providing the forum…for the community. She gave us a ‘voice’ and to a large degree our power back…to control the powers that be…well at the very least, to expose all the BS.

And the effort has yielded results…an informed public…in many cases doing a far better job that our local so called “Press”.

The old blog under Sharon has brought change to San Bernardino County. I think Uffer is one example…Ramos will be another

The new blog …the baton has been passed…has some new areas… that are great additions. More room for Riverside County issues.. lots of flim flam going on down here to kick around….

However, the lost of voices from the old blogpen concerns me. Jim it would seem to be a simple thing to transfer the old blogpen….or at the very least notify the pen of the change….to lose ACU, Spicoli, and Branson Hunter, seems a shame and…I wonder why.

Thanks Jim, for getting my loud mouth back in play.

Please do your best to bring back others who didn’t make the transition.