A contract is close to being hammered out between the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and Ontario City Manager Greg Devereaux.

After being inundated with a plethora of applications submitted from online job search websites over nearly a month long submission period, the number was rapidly whittled down to a dozen. That number was basically halved within a week.

Now here we are.

County Supervisors clearly have decided to pursue one of the most qualified governmental managers in the Inland Empire, and ostensibly the most qualified within the county to take the reigns of an operation desperately in need of an organizational management makeover and an injection of accountability.

Devereaux developed a vision and plan for Ontario and executed it.

San Bernardino County appears to be lining up Devereaux to do the same for its paralyzed administration.

Looking at the two main factors that have pretty much hurt county government for more than a year, the first being ineffective leadership and managerial control, and amazingly the second being a District Attorney playing a high stakes political chess match with county supervisors, Devereaux definitely provides a big step forward.

A Devereaux hire would be one of the best moves the county has made in years.