City manager: Selling city-owned prison ‘critical’ for Adelanto in 2010

January 07, 2010 5:26 PM

ADELANTO • The city is entering 2010 with depleted reserves, long-awaited commercial centers on hold and only a handful of recreational and road projects moving forward — but officials hope to gain financial footing by pawning off city-owned properties.

The city is working to close two property deals they hope will replenish the city’s dwindling coffer: selling the city-owned Adelanto Community Correctional Facility to private operator Geo Group, Inc. and selling or leasing the city-owned Stater Bros. Stadium baseball stadium.

“The sale of the prison becomes critical for us in 2010,” City Manger Jim Hart said.

In September state officials approved the city’s request to end its prison contract early, paving the way for a private operator GEO Group, Inc. to buy the prison for $28 million.

However, GEO Group has had trouble securing its desired federal contract for the prison. On Monday the city offered GEO Group an extra 90 days from Monday to resolve its federal negotiations, according to Hart.

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