The victim who came forward last July claiming she had a three and one-half year affair with San Bernardino District Attorney Michael Ramos and was retaliated against after the relationship became public knowledge has filed a $1.5 million dollar claim for damages.

The claim alleging sexual harassment, creating a hostile work environment, workplace retaliation, and constructive discharge among its allegations was filed against San Bernardino County, Ramos, and others in the District Attorney’s office.

The pending claim, a precursor to a lawsuit, contains some interesting pieces of information.

It is alleged that Ramos used Supervising Deputy District Attorney Michael Fermin an intermediary to contact the victim in May 2009 before news of the relationship between the victim and Ramos was published in a local newspaper.

Fermin is known to be a close confidant of Ramos.

Ramos changed his cell phone number last summer to avoid telephone calls from the victim.

A major component of the claim indicates the victim was subjected to disciplinary write-ups after expressing her unhappiness over the situation to Chief District Attorney Investigator Michael Smith.

The claim also states that when the victim went to her work assignment in October 2009 she found her desk cleaned off and name tag removed. The victim said she was under escort and was assisted in packing all of her belongings.

County Supervisors initiated an investigation of the incident last summer and contracted with the law firm of Curiale, Hirschfeld, and Kraemer to perform the work. The cost of the investigation has ballooned to $140,000.

County sources indicate the investigation report has been completed and its presentation to the Board of Supervisors is pending.

Ramos has categorically denied any relationship or inappropriate behavior and has called the victims claims politically motivated.

(Note: The victim’s name has been omitted from this story.)