Susan Vaccaro
November 22, 2009

The case filed by San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos against Grand Terrace City Councilman Jim Miller is already half-way down the proverbial drain.

After being paraded out in front of a District Attorney orchestrated media arrest on a single felony charge of conflict of interest, the prosecution is now desperate to salvage something from the case.

iePolitics has learned the prosecutor assigned to the case, Deputy District Attorney John Goritz has offered Miller a misdemeanor conviction with the condition he resign his elected office.

Obviously, Councilman Miller’s response to this ridiculous offer is no!

The latest events come after it was revealed at Miller’s arraignment on September 30, that DA investigators never bothered to confirm whether or not Miller ever voted on any advertising contracts between the city and his wife’s newspapers business.

Apparently, he didn’t.

Now Miller’s single felony count is for voting to approve consent calender items where as a matter of normal course of business the council approves a disbursement register. Payments to Miller’s wife’s business were listed. Previously, Miller had consulted with the Grand Terrace city attorney, who ruled no conflict existed.

When the city attorney changed his position on the practice Miller abstained from all future votes.

Miller is represented by Attorney Richard Ewanisyk.