The big news last week in San Bernardino County was the sacking of Mark Uffer, the county’s top administrator. After serving five years, a majority of the board said that enough is enough.

In just this past year alone, this blog has extensively outlined reasons why Mr. Uffer had to go. His dithering over budget errors, his unfocused and unprincipled interactions with elected officials and their staffs, and his inability to inspire confidence among many county workers led the board to this decision.

But with Uffer’s sudden and deserved departure, this marks the dawn of a bright new day for San Bernardino County. The County now has a chance to chart a course for progress with a competent CAO.

Mark Uffer couldn’t even exit gracefully. His undignified comments to the media after the board of supervisors exercised their authority in their justified removal of him further serves as a perfect example of the board’s correct decision in sacking Uffer.

Of course, Mark Uffer’s severance agreement should outrage every county worker who can only dream of a benefits and compensation package as lucrative as that of the departed CAO.

While the question remains open as to who will replace him, Uffer’s successor will undoubtedly be a vast improvement over the past five years of Uffer’s mismanagement and the resentment he created.

The board of supervisors has been criticized in the past for some of their actions. This time, a majority should be praised for taking a bold step forward by removing an albatross around the neck of county administration.

Let a new day begin!