The other day I wrote just a little bit about a conversation I had with Mark Kirk, Chairman Gary Ovitt’s Chief of Staff, almost a year ago about the Supervisor Ovitt’s hope to restore integrity and ethics to San Bernardino County governance. Those hopes and plans were derailed by a gang of three, Mike Ramos, Mark Uffer and Ruth Stringer, in an effort to maintain chaos on the Fifth Floor so to cover up their own misdeeds and the misdeeds of their supporters.

This calendar year has been a year of frustration for many, both on the inside and on the outside looking in.   Instead of the promise of a re-commitment to transparency, reform and progress, the Board of Supervisors has been stagnant at best and more often described as emasculated due to the threats of an out-of-control District Attorney who has been aided and abetted by a disloyal County Administrative Officer and County Counsel who put their own political interests ahead of the people they serve.

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