Michael Kane
November 16, 2009

Rumors abound that change is coming soon to San Bernardino County Government.

It’s beginning to look like the Board of Supervisors may have had enough of the dysfunction and ineptitude at the highest levels of the “management corp.”

Ever since someone posted DISMISSAL/DISCIPLINE/RELEASE OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEE(S) on the Supervisors Board agenda for the Tuesday meeting, the Fifth Floor denizens have been scratching their heads (and laughing) about the unlucky (but deserving) public officials who will be leaving public service soon.

Most speculation centers around the obvious two choices viewed as the most deserving of unemployment.  I refer, of course, to County Administrative Officer Mark “the Real Deal” Uffer and Ruth “The Never Ending Vacation Accrual Plan” Stringer, neither of whom would be missed by co-workers, the county workforce, or the general public.

Rumored to be the most upset about the possible demise of these two highest-level incompetents are Uffer- Clones David Wert, Steve Hall, and Dean Arabatzsis.

Gee, I wonder why that could possibly be?

NO ONE was apparently concerned or upset about the thought of Stringer leaving.

My suggestion as an editorial writer to the entire Board of Supervisors is not to pick BETWEEN Uffer and Stringer . . . but rid us of this pestilence by getting rid of BOTH AT ONCE!  Just think of it as a “two-fer.”  It’s just like putting two worms on the hook of the fishing pole at once!

By showing who REALLY runs the county government, the Board of Supervisors will increase their stature, command respect, and endear themselves to County employees and the employee organizations as well as have the positive effect of showing District Attorney Ramos that the BOARD IS GOING TO DO THEIR JOB!  Nothing quite makes a bully more feared than people who stand up for what’s right.

My guess is the sacking of Uffer and Stringer, if it comes to pass, will be by a four man majority. I say “man” because we all know if there is ONE person on the Board who can’t and won’t do the right thing, it will be you know who.  You know, she always does the wrong thing because she’s just too stupid to do the right thing.  Now, if it turns out I am wrong I will make amends by writing a positive story about her.

But I’m not going to put pen to paper just quite yet.