Anti Corruption Unit
November 14, 2009

Looking at the recent information that has come to light involving our District Attorney, it is rather clear, the evidence is in, he has been less than honest regarding his affairs and his own Fair Political Practices Commission issues.

It is now hard to argue that all of Ramos’s rhetoric about the rumors and allegations of his conduct being baseless tabloid rumors, were in fact nothing but lies.

Call it a little lie, or a big one, it is still a lie. Ramos did not lie to one of his subordinates, or someone in the privacy of his office, he did so in the press more than once.

The Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County has no integrity and lied to the public. I feel for those people who stood up for him and now look the fool for doing so.

Let those loyal ones sink with the ship.

Today I heard about a Sheriff’s Deputy Chief, Station Commander and Lieutenant who all recently appeared at a shift briefing and they had a discussion about honesty & integrity with the Deputies.

Quoting an October 2009 article written by Safety Employees’ Benefit Association (SEBA) field representative Nancy Tate, who said, “You lie, You die”.

Basically Ms.Tate was suggesting it is better to tell the truth and face the music, than lie. I agree.

What is interesting about the preaching of the Deputy Chief is, he knows full well his own peers lie everyday in order to terminate employees they don’t like, among other issues of course.

The Chief is an honest man by nature, is fair, his only problem is he has no backbone when it comes to his own peers lying and cheating. He ignores those issues.

Pretty sad for a man with a religious background like his. He see’s the lord on weekends, plays with the devil during the week.

He will vote to terminate an employee who lies, but will say nothing to his peers who do the same. NO standards of course.

Worse yet, SEBA representatives know full well IA investigators and managers lie, will sit and watch them lie, and do nothing about it.

So the saga of bullshit to the troops, and rhetoric in SEBA articles, our DA telling lies, a pretty solid history of no standards for those in power, or those who represent us.

The drama will continue.